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Find the best posts and communities about George Takei on Reddit. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. George Takei. Topic on Reddit. Posts. Communities. Posts about George Takei. card. card classic compact. r/georgetakei. 100 members. Welcome to r. But after Takei responded to allegations against Kevin Spacey, Brunton reportedly changed his mind. Maybe this is why more stars don't speak up about this stuff. Maybe 80% of them are just waiting for their own accusers to go public 64,296 votes and 1,993 comments so far on Reddit Megathread: George Takei Accused Of Groping Former Male Model In 1981, Richard Dreyfuss Accused Of Sexual Harassment By L.A.-Based Writer, 4 Women Accuse 'Atomic Blonde' Producer David Guillod of Rap

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Reddit, very understandably, took umbrage with the OP's lack of consideration for her roommate—do you feel the same? A woman asked Reddit if she was wrong to hire a naked cleaning service—which she also used for sexual gratification—behind her roommate's back The folks on Reddit suggested that the mother may have some issues far deeper than the OP initially thought. A Redditor asks if they were wrong to try and limit where her mom prays, since she stops almost anywhere in the house, including in front of people Trending People Who Work In Remote Places Share The Creepiest Things They've Ever Witnesse See more of George Takei on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Pages Liked by This Page. CAPE - Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment. Karen Walker. Guacamoley. Recent Post by Page. George Takei. Today at 5:31 AM. The folks on Reddit were split on this one—where do you stand? George Takei. Today at 4:31.

See more of George Takei on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Pages Liked by This Page. CAPE - Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment. Warped Speed. Guacamoley. Recent Post by Page. George Takei. Today at 10:01 AM. Sounds like reddit feels the girlfriend should bear her cross privately—do you agree. Hi friend— subscribe to my mailing list to get inbox updates of news, funnies, and sweepstakes. —George Takei

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  1. George Hosato Takei, född 20 april 1937 i Boyle Heights i Los Angeles, är en amerikansk skådespelare med japanskt ursprung. Takei är antagligen mest känd för sin roll som Hikaru Sulu ombord rymdskeppet USS Enterprise i TV-serien Star Trek.Han har även uppmärksammats tack vare sin roll i TV-serien Heroes och sin medverkan i The Howard Stern Show
  2. Foxes use the earth's magnetic fields.Like a guided missile, the fox harnesses the earth's magnetic field to hunt. Other animals, like birds, sharks, and turtles, have this magnetic sense, but the fox is the first one we've discovered that uses it to catch prey.According to New Scientist, the fo..
  3. CBS: George Takei on the Passing of Prop. 8TIME Q&A;: George Takei on Prop 8George Takei Statement on Prop 8Last night, I was filled with pride to be an American. It was an exhilarating night of celebration. Barack Obama's victory was a miraculous moment in our history. It was a night of joy, yet, P..

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George Takei issued an apology for his comments about grabbing men, saying he was joking when he made the remarks on Howard Stern last month KPBS presents a special VIRTUAL event with activist and actor George Takei, author of They Called Us Enemy, the 2020 One Book, One San Diego selection. Th.. Although primarily known for playing Hikaru Sulu in the television series Star Trek: The Original Series (1966) and the first six features, George Takei has had a varied career acting in television, feature films, live theater and radio. He also is a successful writer and community activist. George Takei was born Hosato Takei on April 20, 1937, in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California

From George Takei's childhood imprisonment in a Japanese Internment Camp to his breakout role as Star Trek's Mr. Sulu, we go on a quite a voyage. And it's highly illogical that you'll be disappointed in this episode because we were given her all she's got 1.4m Followers, 425 Following, 1,754 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from George Takei (@georgehtakei Star Trek's George Takei lends voice to new Yakuza game's English dubs. SEGA is bringing full English dubs to Yakuza for the first time ever, and announces a November release date for Like a Dragon

George Takei is not only a sci-fi icon, but the actor has built quite the social media presence. With thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, Takei is an open book. He is no stranger to discussing anything from his sexual preferences to Hollywood secrets. Yesterday evening, the Reddit community was treated to an AMA session with the. George Takei has taken part in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything), where he discussed his personal and his professional life. A topic of discussion was Allegiance, which is currently running on Broadway George Takei Does an AMA and Wastes Time on Reddit With the Rest of Us The 'Star Trek' veteran and online meme machine talks about his Broadway debut and that sci-fi series he was in. Lifestyle Joe Vince • November 10, 2015 Fres

It's been bouncing around the Internet for several months now and got a little boost recently when George Takei's Facebook page shared it with nearly 4 million followers earlier this month. Vi skulle vilja visa dig en beskrivning här men webbplatsen du tittar på tillåter inte detta George Takei, New York, New York. 9.8M likes. Some know me as Mr. Sulu but I hope all know me as a believer in, and a fighter for, the equality & dignity of all human beings. Email: teamtakei@ohmyyy.g

Actor George Takei posted a screen grab on Facebook of the Boulder, a Reddit user launched the synopsis on its merry viral way. With Polito's name as the source author cut out George Takei GIF,Oh My GIF,Oh Myyy GIF. Discover & share this Lol GIF with everyone you know. ReactionGifs.m George Takei thinks so and has said as much on Twitter: Every GOP congressperson and cabinet member should be asked before Tuesday if Donald Trump legally can declare himself the winner of the election before states like PA and MI have even counted millions of mail-in ballots. — George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) November 1, 2020. She's right you.

Launching from IDW's May 2018 is They Called Us Enemy, a graphic biographical comic by George Takei, Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott and Harmony Becker Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube People with Tinnitus try the Reddit Tinnitus Cure Have you... George Takei. 14. maj 2017 · Why'd it take so long for us to finger this out? via Seriously.TV. Relaterede videoer. 3:01. Watching Horror Films is Good for You, According to Science. George Takei. George Takei. 23 tusind visninger. Actor and activist George Takei says President Trump calling COVID-19 The Chinese Virus sends a cold chill throughout the Asian-American community, becaus..

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George Takei is the actor who portrays Kaito Nakamura. Outside of Heroes, Takei is most famous for his portrayal of Hikaru Sulu in Gene Rodenberry's Star Trek franchise George Takei said he subscribes to the famous words of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg when it comes to his tumultuous relationship with his former Star Trek shipmate William Shatner. William Shatner has responded to criticism from co-star George Takei about his behaviour on the set of the iconic 1960s sci-fi series, saying George is making things up For decades, American audiences knew George Takei only as an actor, playing such prominent roles as Star Trek's Hikaru Sulu, Heroes' Kaito Nakamura and, more recently, Yamato-san in The Terror: Infamy.Takei has lent his voice in legendary guest appearances to series such as Futurama, The Simpsons, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Archer to build a wide career of obsession-worthy genre entertainment

For 61 years, George Takei has been finding ways to use the arts to connect to people. As an actor, author, and LGBTQ and civil rights activist, Takei has intimately experienced the disparate spectrums of the American experience.As a child, he and his Japanese American family were placed by force in several domestic internment camps until the end of World War II Playing Sulu on Star Trek: The Original Series more than 50 years ago launched George Takei not only out to strange new worlds, but on a journey to explore his sexuality and Japanese heritage William Shatner accuses George Takei of 'making up' Leonard Nimoy feud. Takei (right) claimed that Shatner was jealous of the attention co-star Leonard Nimoy received from 'Star Trek' fans

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In a recent interview, actor George Takei recalled his family's years spent in a Japanese internment camp in Arkansas. Too few people know about that dark chapter of American history, said Takei Shop recommended products from George Takei on Amazon.com. Learn more about George Takei's favorite products

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  1. George Takei tries to tune his Star Trek co-star out, yet can't help but laugh when he hears William Shatner's disparaging comments
  2. George Takei and other stars are calling out President Donald Trump for his use of the term Chinese virus to refer to the coronavirus. Trump has doubled down on labeling the coronavirus pandemic.
  3. From ermagherd to viral cats, social-media star and original cast member George Takei picks his favorite 'Star Trek' memes. George Takei Updated Jun. 24, 2019 3:30PM ET / Published May. 16.
  4. George Takei Tells Bill Maher Why He Can't Stand William Shatner. Erin Whitney. The fact that Star Trek costars George Takei and William Shatner don't get along in real life is a sad thing for Trekkies to face. While visiting Real Time With Bill Maher, Takei addressed his longtime feud with the original Captain Kirk
  5. George Takei, who famously played Hikaru Sulu on the Star Trek television series, is the latest actor to be accused of sexual misconduct.. A former model and actor named Scott Brunton told The.
  6. g of the original.
  7. George Takei's Star Trek past attracts plenty of attention because of the show's legacy and because his career was associated with the show for so long, but Star Trek wasn't Takei's first showbiz gig

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  1. Brad Takei: Star Trek: New Voyages. Brad Takei was born on February 25, 1954 in the USA as Brad Eliot Altman. He is a producer, known for Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II (2004), Whatever, the Series (2011) and It Takeis Two (2015). He has been married to George Takei since September 14, 2008
  2. Actor George Takei is backing U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's controversial comment likening the detainment of immigrants at facilities on the border to concentration camps
  3. George Takei, who as helmsman Sulu steered the Starship Enterprise through three television seasons and six movies, has come out as a homosexual in the current issue of Frontiers, a biweekly Los.
  4. George Takei's family in the Wilshire district of Los Angeles, photo taken around 1940. From left to right: George's baby sister Nancy is held by George's, mother Fumiko Emily Takei
  5. Facebook에서 George Takei 페이지의 콘텐츠 더 The folks on Reddit are a little torn on this one—what are your thoughts? A woman asked if she was wrong to announce her engagement during his twin sister's wedding reception. comicsands.com | 작성자: Comic Sands

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Facebook पर George Takei को और The folks on Reddit are a little torn on this one—what are your thoughts? A woman asked if she was wrong to announce her engagement during his twin sister's wedding reception. comicsands.com | Comic Sands. Former Star Trek co-stars George Takei and William Shatner are currently feuding online. George Takei recently accused William Shatner of feeling insecure about Leonard Nimoy's popularity as Spock, which apparently made things awkward on the sets of the original Star Trek.However, William Shatner hit back at George Takei and claimed that the former Sulu actor was making things up George Takei would never want to hang out with you, the actor shot back. Even if George was stuck in the house for six months because of some bullshit virus, he still wouldn't call you. Later on when George insisted that both the show and the host stunk, the announcer lost his cool completely George Takei has fired back at William Shatner for his 'bile' as their public falling out continues. The actor, who played Sulu on the original Star Trek TV series,.

Star Trek star George Takei shares the details of his daily workout and wellness routine, which consists of waking up at 6am every day, walking for 45 minutes, and doing 100 push-ups and 50 sit-ups William Shatner hasn't spoken to George Takei in 25 years.The 84-year-old actor - who appeared as Captain James Kirk in the popular sci-fi series 'Star Trek' - has revealed he's retained no. Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be released in the West in November. The game will have a full English dub featuring George Takei, and a PlayStation 5 version has also been confirmed George Takei, famous for his role on Star Trek, is fit and vigorous even at 83 years old. His fitness routine includes more push-ups than most young people do

George Takei Reacts to Gay Sulu News: 'I Think It's Really Unfortunate' In the summer of 1968, George Takei attended a pool party at the Hollywood Hills home of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry George Takei said he subscribes to the famous words of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg when it comes to his tumultuous relationship with his former Star Trek shipmate William Shatner: In every good marriage, it helps to be a little deaf.. Still, the 83-year-old sci-fi icon and political activist couldn't help himself upon hearing comments Shatner made recently in response to.

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George Takei may have first found fame on the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek television series and feature films in the 1960s and 70s but it is his recent involvement in social media that has. The team behind 'They Called Us Enemy': George Takei, Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott, and Harmony Becker. Becker only had a few photos of Takei's family to work from. Writing for comics it's very clear what you need to do, she says, with directions about who is in a panel, and where they are standing

George Takei rules the internet, and now he's coming to your phone with content for the TraceMe App. We talked to him about tech, politics, and chocolate Hollywood celebrities turned on their rage mode Wednesday after columnist Bob Woodward published interviews in which President Donald Trump said that he downplayed the danger of the COVID-19 pandemic just to prevent mass panic. Hollywood started a social media attack, calling on President Trump to resign or to be removed through impeachment. In their outrage, There are few on the comic convention circuit with the kinds of bona fides boasted by actor George Takei. Star of AMC's The Terror: Infamy, Disney's animated classic Mulan, and — of course — Star Trek, George Takei spoke at his C2E2 2020 panel about his prolific and fabulous history in the world of genre George Takei is an actor, activist and social media maven. January 25, 2020 at 9:37 AM EST. There's a famous episode of Star Trek: The Original Series called. The 1960s TV show pushed some social boundaries, but it never included any LGBTQ characters on the starship Enterprise. Actor George Takei tells us what happened when he asked the creator about.

You need to go back to Reddit and circle jerk - #154336049Check Out These Mindblowing "Star Trek" Face MorphsSulu is gay in Star Trek Beyond as an homage to George‘Tab Hunter Confidential’ Review: Actor Gets anAffirmations for the Cynical College Student3 ways Chris Hemsworth could return as George Kirk in

After talking to George Takei for the podcast I've got a bit immersed in it. The podcast Tennant is referring to is the one the he hosts, David Tennant Does A Podcast With...., though the episode in which the former Who star interviews the former Trek star has yet to air George Takei announced the program at a National Council of Teachers of English event on Thursday, revealing that his bestselling graphic memoir They Called Us Enemy will be amongst the first IDW. George Takei news and opinion. The Star Trek legend kept pointing out how much money Trump could make from gay marriages, but the future president kept saying he was for traditional marriage If any footage can be considered the holy grail of Star Trek fan films, it's the Super-8 scenes from YORKTOWN: A TIME TO HEAL, shot in 1985 to 1987 and featuring actor GEORGE TAKEI reprising his role as Lt. Cmdr. Sulu during the time between TOS and Star Trek: The Motion Picture.. Thirty-five years (and counting!) in the making, Yorktown is probably the most eagerly awaited, exciting. US actor George Takei is to wed his long-term partner after California lifted its ban on same-sex marriage. Takei, 71, best known for playing Mr Sulu in Star Trek, said he and Brad Altman were going through the delicious dilemma of where to marry. The actor and 54-year-old Mr Altman have been together for 21 years George Takei, Derek Mio, and more than 100 cast and crew members on AMC's horror series had relatives in the WWII internment camps

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