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Michael J. Fox reveals his funniest and worst moments while filming Back To The Future, chats about whether Marty would have survived without Doc Brown and h.. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, reprising their Back to the Future roles on the exact date Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown landed in the future in the second movie


Bobby Hundreds sits with the co-writer and producer of the Back to the Future trilogy, Bob Gale, in this exclusive interview—which you can also find in the The Hundreds Fall/Winter 2015 Magazine Back to the Future Co-Creator Bob Gale Celebrates 35th Anniversary with Ultimate Trilogy 4K [Exclusive] Bob Gale takes us on a trip through time to break down everything new we can expect from the.

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  1. During the week of Back to the Future 30th Anniversary events, I ran into Dean Cundey in a rather unexpected place. He was at the Screamfest premiere of The Girl in the Photograph, for which he had done the cinematography. After the film screened, Cundey was kind enough to give me an interview for Back to the Future
  2. 2015 is a year in the 21st century. On October 21, 2015, one hour before his past self would arrive with Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker, Dr.Emmett Brown went back in time to prevent a nuclear holocaust in 2045. A new timeline was created, and most things that they originally witnessed in 2015 never existed. 1 Original timeline 2 New technology 3 New culture 3.1 New slang 4 New locations 5 New.
  3. Back to the Future is being rereleased Wednesday, and fans can compare its vision of the future with the realities of 2015
  4. In the sequel, Back to the Future Part II, Fox's character, Marty McFly, travels to the future in 2015 to save the children that aren't even a twinkle in their dad's eye. Back to the Future is required viewing for nearly every science fiction fan and continually holds up as a fun, energetic jaunt through time with some memorable characters and truly great catch phrases
  5. On Back to the Future Day, Oct. 21, 2015, the film's stars Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, and Christopher Lloyd reunited on the Today sho
  6. Michael J. Fox has discussed the possibility of a fourth instalment in the Back To The Future series at Fan Expo Boston. Reuniting with his Back To The Future II co-stars Thomas Wilson (Biff.
  7. utes of Robert Zemeckis's 1989 movie takes place in the distant future - 21 October 2015

In Back to the Future Part II, Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the year 2015, a world filled with flying cars, hoverboards and kitschy 1980s nostalgia. The writers certainly got the part. In an age rampant with sequels, prequels, and the importance of franchised IP, Back to the Future remains untouched. Back to the Future Part III hit theaters in 1990, and since then, that's been. New 'Back to the Future' 4K Box Set Featurette Shows How Accurate Some of the 2015 Props Turned Out to Be. Posted on Friday, October 16th, 2020 by Ethan Anderto

Directed by Kyle Chen. With Jeffrey Weissman, Logan Wildey, Michael Garcia, Kyle Chen. Marty and Doc Brown go back to 2015 and find that one detail has changed the future as they knew it All the latest and hottest Back to the Future interviews The simple reason 'Back To The Future's' screenwriter chose October 21, 2015 to be the day Marty McFly travels in time Alyson Shontell 2015-10-21T14:22:00

Back to the Future is the perfect story. It traverses American history, '80s pop culture, and immortalizes some of the most memorable characters in movie history. For my generation, Back to the Future was not only Marty's coming-of-age tale, it was ours. Together, we watched him survive young love, true friendship, and merciless peer pressure In a world riddled with a pandemics, a decimating economy, racism, and overall impending doom, it's really difficult to stay positive. Few things aide us in disassociating from the reality of our season of the Real Housewives of Planet Earth; among them is music.It's a powerful tool We said, let's wait until the year 2015 until we found the company, just so that it overlaps with what we saw in the movie 'Back to the Future II,' just as a symbol, Mr. Maalouf said. Back to the Future Part II took some big swings when imagining 2015 — but not all of them were so far off Marlene McFly (Michael J. Fox) rolls her eyes into her phone/visor. Universa Back to the Future is an American science fiction adventure comedy film series written and directed by Robert Zemeckis, produced by Bob Gale and Neil Canton for Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, and distributed by Universal Pictures.The franchise follows the adventures of a high school student, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), and an eccentric scientist, Doctor Emmett L. Brown (Christopher.

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  1. Directed by Robert Beaucage. With Tyler Dunivan, Aaron Burns, Ricky Dean Logan, Darlene Vogel. Marty McFly (Tyler Dunivan) meets his son Devin McFly, who help fix the Time Machine. On the way he meets cast members of the Back to the Future series. He finds himself out of time
  2. With a print newspaper, of course — specifically, with the same Oct. 22, 2015, edition of USA TODAY that Marty McFly picked up in the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II
  3. When Marty McFly travelled to the future in the 1989 Back to the Future sequel - to October 21, 2015, to be precise - he was greeted by flying cars, self-tying sneakers and hovering skateboards
  4. As if the Star Wars trailer hadn't made this week geeky enough, today is October 21, 2015, the day Marty McFly time-travels to in the second installment of the Back to the Future movies.
  5. Doc returns to 1985.. Picking up the story where Back to the Future left off the morning of October 26, 1985, Marty McFly and Doc Brown leave Marty's house and time travel to the year 2015 to stop Marty's kids from destroying their lives. Since Jennifer has seen the DeLorean time machine and Doc decides that the matter concerns her as well, they take her along and depart

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Back to the Future creator Bob Gale discusses what he got right about October 21st, 2015, the day Marty McFly visited in the future This is 2:1 Interview: Back to the Future: 1985, 2015, 2045 by Motion Picture Association on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people wh One of the comments, I don't remember the exact line, but in Back to the Future 2, Marty or someone says, The Cubs are going to win in 2015. They are going to win the World Series. They. Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition features behind the scenes interviews with cast and crew of both the original films and game, revised current-gen console textures, and updated voice work from Biff Tannen's original movie actor, Tom Wilson

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  1. Movie buffs might remember that the premise of Back To The Future Part II was that the film's hero Marty McFly travels into the future a.k.a. 2015. Wait, 2015? That's now!! Of course, there was no way for the 1989 to predict the future, but they did their best by portraying the futuristic world the [
  2. ded us of the very specific vision Back to the Future II had for October 21, 2015
  3. Small Radio Interview with the team of GTA Back To The Future GTA: Back to the Future is a full conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. GTA: Back to the Future will be based on the Back to the Future Trilogy, allowing the player to re-enact all..
  4. New 'Back to the Future' 4K Box Set Featurette Shows How Accurate Some of the 2015 Props Turned Out to Be Tags Action/Adventure , Comedy , Sci-Fi , Sequels , Universal , Back to the Future 4.
  5. Today is Back to the Future Day, October 21, 2015! An important day in movie history is upon us! It's October 21, 2015, the date in Back to the Future Part II where Marty McFly traveled 30 years.
  6. Bob Gale, the writer of all three 'Back to the Future' movies, sat down with Tiff Oshinsky to talk about the Cubs and Steve Bartman, traveling back in time, an
  7. Happy birthday, Back To The Future - which was released thirty years ago today. One of the most legendary stories of the now-iconic blockbuster, and perhaps one of the biggest what-ifs in.

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In September 2014, I spoke to special effects supervisor Kevin Pike about his experiences working on Robert Zemeckis Back to the Future. This is part one of that BTTF - The Opening Scene - Kevin Pike Interview - Part 1 @Jamieswb on Vime Better still, the studio is also bringing the trilogy back to movie theaters. On October 21st, 2015 (the date that Marty and Doc travel to in Back to the Future Part II), the films will go back. Celebrate July 3 2015 - the 30th anniversary of Robert Zemeckis's film - with our list of Back to the Future facts and trivia. Plus news and trailers

Robert Zemeckis: When I had my deal over at Disney and [with] Dick Cook, who was the co-head of production there, there was a mandate at the time that they were very enthusiastic about 3-D. I have. Back to the future: Trump's history of promising a health plan that never comes Health Check President Donald Trump holds articles as he speaks during a news conference at the White House. If you know your important dates in the classic Back to the Future movies, Oct. 21, 2015 holds a very special place in your heart The blockbuster franchise has experienced a cultural resurgence recently as Oct. 21, 2015, approaches. The date, dubbed Back to the Future Day, coincides with the exact date in Back to the Future.

In a new interview with Crispin Glover, he reveals his reasons for not reprising the role of George McFly in Back To The Future Part II Back in Time is a 2015 American documentary film directed by Jason Aron. The film explores the production, impact, and legacy of the Back to the Future film series, and includes interviews with members of the series' cast and crew, including Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, as well as fans of the franchise But it began making the Twitter rounds only this week, presumably because tomorrow, Oct. 21, 2015, marks unofficial Back to the Future day — the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to. 'Back to the Future Part II' shows off some products that may have seemed farfetched when the film was released in 1989, but now that the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to in the future. Sun 5 Jul 2015 03.45 EDT. As far back as I remember, merging humans with computers. I do find it worrying that the basis of the future, not only of humankind,.

Michael J. Fox sports 'Back to the Future' shoes on Kimmel show by Frank Pallotta and Kristen Hamill @CNNMoney October 22, 2015: 9:39 AM ET Back to the Future day is here, and so are products from. Back to the Future II and immediately miming sweet hoverboard jumps while inexplicably making lightsaber noises for sound effects, knew that it was just a special effect, not real. Oh, but the next day at school? The next day at school, there was that one kid. That one insecure little dickhead who had to make friends by lying May 2015. Is This the Dawn of until he met his future second wife online. and if you can't send it back to the factory shit, I couldn't even get a plumber for goddamn two weeks The fictional Nike Air Mag sneakers from Back to the Future Part II became a reality in 2011, when Nike auctioned off 1,500 pairs to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The shoes featured a..

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  1. Conor Lamb, who survived a Republican challenge in Pennsylvania, says Democrats were given a message on Election Day: Backlash to progressive policies risks killing their House majority
  2. See the full list of Back to the 2015 Future cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more
  3. The Back to the Future series is arguably one of the most beloved franchises in movie history. Not only does its entertainment value live on years after i
  4. WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump, who defied political gravity with his extraordinary rise from reality star and businessman to the presidency, has fallen back to earth. In the end, his flurry of raucous rallies, an unprecedented turnout operation and sheer force of will could not overcome the.
  5. The 1989 film 'Back to the Future II' did not correctly predict Chicago would be the winner of a 2015 Cubs-Marlins World Series match-up

Buddy Guy: 'I Worry About The Future Of Blues Music' Buddy Guy is the blues, and he's our connection to a genre that's embedded in the history of America. But it's a sound the guitarist fears is. Japanese auto brand Lexus has revealed its eagerly anticipated hoverboard, which uses magnets to carry its rider without touching the groun Zurück in die Zukunft II (Originaltitel: Back to the Future Part II) ist eine Science-Fiction-Filmkomödie des Regisseurs Robert Zemeckis aus dem Jahr 1989. Das Drehbuch zum Film schrieb Bob Gale.Der Film stellt den zweiten Teil der Zurück-in-die-Zukunft-Trilogie dar. Der erste Teil Zurück in die Zukunft erschien 1985, der dritte Teil Zurück in die Zukunft III wurde 1990 veröffentlicht

Back OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine (2016) Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History (2015) Back In Time (2015) We Don't Need Roads: The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy (2015) Back to the Future Almanac 1985-2015: Official Collectors Guide (2014 Related: Back To The Future 2 Completely Reshot The Ending of The First Movie That honor instead goes to Eric Stoltz, an actor now best known for his Golden Globe-nominated work in Mask as well as his prolific career as a TV director. Though Stoltz was the first person cast in the Marty McFly role, he wasn't the very first pick for the character Since it was first released on July 3, 1985, Back to the Future has become one of the most profitable -- and beloved -- film trilogies of all time, spawning a cartoon series, upcoming theater show. Some fans have championed the idea of a soft remake or reboot that focuses on the McFly family after the year 2015, in which Back to the Future 2 is set. But most believe that to be a horrendous idea

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  1. Interviews; Short Stories; Contact; October 21, 2015 July 30, 2017 In The News Image Back to the Future II Science Fiction. Back to the Future! Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Like this
  2. Back to the Future Part II is a 1989 American science fiction film directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Bob Gale.It is the sequel to the 1985 film Back to the Future and the second installment in the Back to the Future trilogy.The film stars Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and Thomas F. Wilson.The film follows Marty McFly (Fox) and his friend Dr. Emmett Doc Brown.
  3. The 1990 film ends with Doc (Christopher Lloyd) and his kids returning in a time-traveling train, only to fly off again. Before they go, Marty (Michael J. Fox) asks if Doc is going back to the future
  4. utes
  5. g older, but because so much amazing marketing is happening and so many of us didn't join in on the fun of making.

Sit Down w/Alfred & Chris: Back to the Future writer/producer Bob Gale, full interview by SiriusXM News & Issues published on 2015-10-17T20:34:32Z. Users who liked this track Jaspar Casey. Jaspar Casey. latoner. Orlando. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Amsterdam. Users who like Sit Down w/Alfred & Chris: Back to the Future writer/producer Bob Gale. Back to the Future soundtrack from 1985, composed by Alan Silvestri. Released by Intrada in 2015 (INT 7144) containing music from Back to the Future (1985) So, we will not schedule an interview for you with our company at this time. We do encourage you to apply for open positions that you qualify for in the future with our company. Thank you again for your application and best wishes with your job search. Regards, Lesley Richardson Director of Human Resources lrichardson@homedepartment.com Pho. Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon interview 'Michael J. Fox Watched Back to the Future with Princess Diana' on NBC.co

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TrekNews.net is your daily dose of Star Trek news, reviews, interviews and culture. We provide the latest updates on Star Trek Beyond, Star Trek: Discovery, along with coverage of past television. November 2015 Issue. Link Copied. In the case of the digital technologies, the path back to government R&D is a bit more complex, An Interview With Bill Gates Remember to keep your work to help you prepare for questions at future interviews. But first test out what you've learnt by taking our quiz. Week 3. Handling different types of interview. Welcome to Week 3. Interviews can be more than just a simple series of questions and answers Sit Down w/Alfred & Chris: Back to the Future writer/producer Bob Gale, full interview by SiriusXM News & Issues published on 2015-10-17T20:34:32Z. Appears in playlists. Users who like Sit Down w/Alfred & Chris: Back to the Future writer/producer Bob Gale, full interview

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Previous Previous post: Great Scott! Toyota launches 'Back to the Future' commercial filmed in Hasbrouck Height You had a great interview for a job you really want. Your answers were spot-on, you connected with the interviewer, and your test went well, but you haven't heard back from your future boss-to-be. As frustrating as it might be, not getting a response after an interview happens quite often He claimed to have travelled back in time from 2256 armed with knowledge of future stocks. Suffice it to say, investigators didn't believe him. But then, shortly after his release on bail, he disappeared and could not be traced. Did he go 'back to the future'? My initial reading of the article was that this man must've been a fruit loop Eddie Van Halen swears it was really him shredding guitar in that famous scene from Back to the Future -- when Marty McFly pops a cassette tape into his walkman and blows out his father.

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for some reason no new interview with composer Alan silvestri, there's a 1985 Archive interview with him thou plus a new MICHAEL J FOX Q & A session plus all the old special features from the previous DVD release from 10 years ago has been included the making of Back to the future which was a 1985 TV promo broadcast for the film, goes for 20min Home Streaming & DVD New on Netflix New on Hulu New on Amazon Prime Movies In Theaters Coming Soon Showtimes & Tickets Movie Theaters Videos Movie Trailers Moviefone's Unscripted Exclusive.

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Rosa amp Zack go Back to the Future SmackDown Fallout October 22 2015 October 31, 2016 avaadkins5d4 Rosa interviews Zack Ryder about his love for Back to the Future one day after the 30th anniversary More ACTION on WWE NETWORK http bit ly MobQRl more about at Rosa amp Zack go Back to the Future SmackDown Fallout October 22 2015 But many interviewers will do those things as part of their standard interview routine with strong and weaker candidates alike, so don't read anything into this. We'll get back to you soon / in. Back to the Future Part II screenwriter Bob Gale confirmed in an interview with the Daily Beast that Donald Trump was the inspiration for the character he and director Robert Zemeckis created back. Bill Gates has been almost prophetic in his past predictions: his 1999 list was hauntingly accurate, foreseeing the advent of price comparison websites, smartphones, social media, and bots.Over. Updated 12/28/2015 06:07 PM EST 2015-12-28T06:07-0500 Donald Trump took aim at his latest target in the media world — this time, Joe McQuaid, publisher of the New Hampshire Union Leader

The future of The Sims 4 interview - 'It is kind of like life' David Jenkins Monday 14 Sep 2015 3:00 pm Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via.

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Sharon Stone for S Moda by Lorenzo AgiusDoc, These Are “Back To The Future” Facts! (14 pics + 4
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