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So Gaara's an uncle now Discussion in 'New Leaf' started by Undead, Dec 10, 2014. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Undead. Messages: 46,419 Likes Received: 483 Trophy Points: 1,470 Joined: Jul 10, 2008. But the poor guy didn't end up with anyone in 700 Gaara (我愛羅) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.Originally debuting as an antagonist, Gaara is a shinobi affiliated with Sunagakure and is the son of Sunagakure's leader, the Fourth Kazekage. He was born as a demon's host as part of his father's intention to have a weapon to restore their village Rasa (羅砂, Rasa) was the Fourth Kazekage (四代目風影, Yondaime Kazekage, Literally meaning: Fourth Wind Shadow) of Sunagakure. Renowned for his ability to use Gold Dust, Rasa's reign as Kazekage was marked by his frequent quelling of rampages by the One-Tailed Shukaku, which he had sealed into his youngest son, Gaara. Because the Land of Wind's daimyō began to cut down on Sunagakure's. Shinki Attacks Gaara, Gaara Meets Shinki for the First Time, Shinki's Childhood, Gaara & Shinki Story, Gaara meets kid shinki, Gaara's Son Shinki, Shinki Vs. Yashamaru gaara's uncle gave gaara the love he needed and kept him in chec(Yashamaru was a member of the Anbu black oops i think)Yashamaru was the only one who used to spend time with Gaara. Gaara's entire childhood remained around his uncle.He was the only one he used to spend his time with

Watching The Next Naruto, Boruto is coming !! Subscribe Now ! The truth is he hated Gaara because Gaara's sealing process with the Shukaku made Yashamaru's older sister Karura die. When Gaara's own father (Fourth Kazekage) asked Yashamaru to kill Gaara.

What was the name of Gaara's uncle who tried to kill him

  1. They love their Uncle Gaara, and you can tell he's very fond of them. I think Gaara likes kids because they probably don't judge him and aren't afraid of him. It's probably a breath of fresh air to be around them since they don't expect anything of him either. They just love him for who he is, which is an awesome uncle
  2. Kankurō (カンクロウ, Kankurō) is a shinobi of Sunagakure and the second eldest of the Three Sand Siblings. While initially terrified of his younger brother, Kankurō would come to believe in him and his dream to become the Kazekage like their father before them and would become one of Gaara's most loyal protectors, confidant and bodyguard. Kankurō was born the second child to Karura.
  3. So Gaara's an uncle now Discussion in 'New Leaf' started by Undead, Dec 10, 2014. Page 3 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3. Lammy. Messages: 2,469 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 317 Joined: Dec 7, 2004
  4. Gaara sadness in childhood [Naruto
  5. Is Orochimaru Gaara's uncle? Asked by Wiki User. 1. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2008-11-07 15:46:52 What does the sybol on Gaaras head mean? The sign on gaaras head means love
  6. Uncle Gaara's Habit. See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wann
  7. Gaara is the youngest son of the Fourth Kazekage and the younger brother of Temari and Kankuro. In order to create the ultimate weapon for the Sand Village, his father ordered the One-Tailed Shukaku to be sealed within hide during his birth. Chiyo was responsible for the task, but Gaara's mother, Karura's, life was sacrificed in the process. She cursed Sunagakure and wished Gaara to avenge.

Song: Three Days grace-pain Video (c) me Gaara (c) Masashi Kishimot The only one who appeared to care for Gaara was his maternal uncle Yashamaru, who became the boy's legal guardian and tried to keep hope alive in the boy. However, Gaara was unaware that his father arranged Yashamaru to test Gaara's ability to control Shukaku by making an attempt on the boy's life I'm the real uncle down here! Gaara's musings were interrupted as he watched Kankuro reprimand the 'surrogate people' indignantly. A small smile unconsciously formed on his face, his brother was only so eager when it came to new puppets. Long time no see, Neesan! Since I'm the real uncle, you will let me hold my nephew right

Thanks for watching hope you enjoyed! Like and Share Anime:-Naruto Shippuden Never miss an upload Subscribe = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPwWbxdfD8.. Sep 16, 2016 - Explore Roaster1202's board Gaara and Shikadai (Uncle Gaara) on Pinterest. See more ideas about Shikadai, Gaara, Anime naruto

Gaara with his uncle, Yashamaru. beyond his control, and Gaara regularly attacked and sometimes killed villagers growing up, with only his father and uncle realizing it wasn't deliberate. Still loving him dearly, the Kazekage ordered Yashamaru to corner Gaara and tell him a horrible lie about his mother in order to pressure him with the greatest emotional moment possible and see how ell he. After Gaara Realizing nobody loved him , Gaara used his sand to create a tattoo on his forehead, ai (愛) Which means Love , as the a symbol of a demon loving only himself when Gaara his uncle tried to kill him he told him how his mother give name him Gaara because she wanted him to love only himself and stay alive at all cost. but When Gaara Killed his aunt he finally. Gaara (我愛羅, Gaara) is a major supporting character of the series, originally introduced as an antagonist. As the jinchūriki of the One-Tailed Shukaku, Gaara gained the nickname Gaara of the Sand Waterfall (砂瀑の我愛羅, Sabaku no Gaara; English Gaara of the Desert). In Part II of the series, he becomes the Fifth Kazekage (五代目風影, Godaime Kazekage; Literally meaning.

The Fourth Kazekage wanted to make one of his children the jinchūriki of the One-Tailed Shukaku to serve as a weapon for the village. Gaara, was compatible, and for that reason Shukaku was sealed into him by Chiyo while he was still in his mother'.. Gaara would try to assure them he meant no harm but unintentionally ended up injuring and even killing them with his sand. Gaara had a very rough childhood. Everyone around him hated him and he had no idea why. The only person he thought cared about him, his uncle also made an attempt on his life and ended up dead by gaaras Sand I am eagerly awaiting for some Uncle Gaara and Uncle Kankuro action in Naruto Gaiden. They probably put on a good behavior façade around Temari and say Right Shikadai, you are gonna train your butt off today. But when she's gone, they whisper But first, let's get some snacks Nov 26, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Arandy Banana. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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No, even then I still think Gaara had the saddest backstory. Mainly because it was stated or at least implied that bijuus were responsible for altering the behavior of their hosts. Not to mention, his father turned him into a complete sociopath by having Gaara's uncle attempt to assassinate Gaara, forcing Gaara's hand When Naruto ended, we got a sneak peak at the future of Naruto, especially seeing who most of the characters we love got married to. Some of which even had kids who now go to the Ninja School same as their parents went too. The ninjas we know and love are now all grown up

Shinki Attacks Gaara, Gaara Meets Shinki for the First

Gaara was trained দ্বারা his father, but raised mainly দ্বারা his uncle, Yashamaru. Because of the power of Shukaku, the villagers of Suna hated and feared Gaara, seeing him only for the monster sealed within him. For a time, Yashamaru seemed to be the only person who cared about Gaara I realize his uncle and dad stated she was doing this, but that doesn't make it true, and I'm not saying I know what it is. I am just stating it makes no sense that she could bridge that gap to protect Gaara, and it wasn't stated like.. By someone who was purely looking at his abilities. His dad and uncle both loved Gaara lol his father admitting the truth about his mother and uncle and the chance to finally get a better understanding of him; his mother providing everything Gaara wished, i.e. security, a circle of friends that he can trust, a bond with his siblings, and lov Dezsö Garas, Actor: Jakob, der Lügner. Dezsö Garas was born on December 9, 1933 in Budapest, Hungary as Dezsö Grósz. He was an actor and director, known for Jacob the Liar (1974), A legényanya (1989) and A három növér (1991). He was married to Ágnes Böszörményi Nagy. He died on December 30, 2011 in Budapest

07.Ağu.2017 - Bu Pin, Unicorn ️ tarafından keşfedildi. Kendi Pinlerinizi keşfedin ve Pinterest'e kaydedin Gaara's teddy bear. 57 likes. Fictional Characte What word is on gaaras forehead in japanese. Kill; Stronge; Sand; Gaara; Love; Peace. Who took care of gaara after his mother died. Hi dad; Temari; Kankuro; His uncle; His aunt; Grandma. What is narutos nickname for gaara. Sand guy; Red head; No- brows; Scary guy with the gord . What two members of the akatski kidnapped gaara. Deidara / sasori. May 14, 2008 · What does gaara's tattoo say? gaara from naruto, d tatto above his left eye i.e. The tattoo on Gaara's forehead means love, which combined with his name means, I Love Death. Gaaras tattoo got put on him when he killed his uncle. And found out that no one loved him

Just so you know, Shinki is actually Gaara's son. Gaara had 3 kids. Shinki, the oldest, followed by Yodo, the blonde in Shinki's team, and the youngest is Araya, the masked guy in Shinki's team. Kankuro trained Shinki, and is related to the trio as an uncle. And that killer bee kid is Yurui, and no, his dad is Darui, the new raikage Home. My Stuff. My pets; My profile; My oekaki; Dressup scenes; My items; Account settings; Stamp collection; Dressup pets; Trading center; Adopt. Adopt pets Every month we have a new set of pets to adopt

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After his uncle who was the only person that Gaara thought cared for him tried to assassinate him, Gaara adopted the belief that he could only rely upon himself and Shukaku, and that he had to kill others in order to confirm the value of his own existence.[18][19] Thanks to the Shukaku's powers, Gaara can control sand, primarily using to create a defense nearly impossible to break.[20 Mar 28, 2020 - Explore Melissa L'Hirondelle's board Gaara on Pinterest. See more ideas about Gaara, Naruto gaara, Naruto shippuden

Gaaras father is the Fourth kazekage. But on Naruto Orochimaru WAS the kazekage. So is Orochimaru, Dezső Garas (9 September 1934 - 30 December 2011) was a Hungarian actor, who appeared in over 145 films and television shows since 1956. He starred in the 1993 film Whoops, which was entered into the 43rd Berlin International Film Festival. Garas died in Budapest on 30 December 2011, aged 77, following a long illness. Description above from the Wikipedia article Dezső Garas, licensed under. #4. Gaaras past In this one I got to pick gaaras incident with his uncle wich was really really sad man 'cause he was the only one that gaara trusted and for him to pull a thing like that was like whoaa you know jeje, even though we can say that gaaras entire chilhood was a sad moment jeje May 28, 2014 - Gaara's dream worldhaving a loving family and Naruto as his friend(;﹏;) Knowing Naruto as a kid, mom and uncle is alive and father care for hi To his surprise, he discovers he's become an uncle again... several times over. Wei Wuxian, what the fuck?! Language: English Words: 36,095 Chapters: 1/1 Collections: 4 Comments: 698 Kudos: 5663 Bookmarks: 2376 Hits: 38574. Show Most Recent Bookmark

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Jul 5, 2013 - As it appears that my most viewed and favorited deviation is the one with Gaaras of different ages interacting (well, the picture has more than that, bu... A flashforwar Sep 3, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Ashlie Meador. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Read the topic about Naruto Episode 76 Discussion on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! (Topic ID: 104240 Why did Gaara's uncle try to kill him? Gaara has the belief that he could only rely upon himself and Shukaku, after Yashamaru, the only person who he thought loved him tried to kill him, on the order of his father, and that he had to kill others in order to confirm the value of his own existence He knows his uncle loved him. (Probably.) But he was also the one to cause him to lose all hope until Naruto came along. One of the many assassins who tried to kill him as a child. Instead, Gaara had killed him. Seeing him there, alive and going through the motions of preparing a simple meal, was more prove of Gaaras situation


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r/Naruto: Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. Although you could also talk about the topping too She might have looked like Gaara, but she acted more like a Nara than anything else. Aiko loved it when we would visit her Uncle Shika in the Leaf. Gaara gave her missions in the Leaf every so often so she could go and visit them. Opposite of Ryoto, she has Gaara's sand abilities, but not my Mirshagan The Kazekage Arc is easily my least favorite arc with the way a solid 50% of it was spent praising Naruto and his ability to change people. Gaara's talking to Kankuro and he suddenly just breaks into a monologue about how much he admires/owes Naruto's help in becoming the person he is today, despite the fact that Naruto just punched him in the face once and screwed off for three years straight. Gaaras predecessor didn't, and the 3rd hokage only wore his in combat. 1st and 2nd (hokages) wore theirs, but we never see them in anything but battle clothes.Lord GaleVII 19:34, 20 May 2007 (UTC) Gaara wears the headband on his vest-thingie, if I'm not mistaken, in part II Gaaras girl434 14:20, 29 May 2007 (UTC) Sca Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people

Serena lives in sand village and is Gaaras little sister but what happens when Deidara and Sasori arrive to take Gaara? Does Serena fall for Dei? What about Dei? Does he fall for Serena? Published September 23, 2013 · Updated May 11, 2014. Yashamaru *Uncle, Deceased As the sun was about to set the children's parents came to pick them up and take them home. Among them was Yashamaru, Gaaras uncle. Did you have fun with your friends today? he said smiling while he knelt down to be eye level with the small child. YesYashamaru, beamed the child who could not look happier. Well then come along During the Gaara flashback, his uncle explained how love manages to heal a broken heart, then he tries to kill him saying that he would never be truly loved. Having never truly loved Gaara, Yashamaru, Gaara's uncle, hoped that killing him would avenge the death of his older sister, who had named Gaara after the phrase a self loving carnage (我を愛する修羅, Ware wo ai suru shura Check out gaaras-sexy-jutsu-13's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired

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Although he seems to know his limits well enough to take orders from his foster father to stay out of fighting Kishinki and Momoshiki. Despite his young age, he has the seriousness of an adult to the point even his uncle is afraid of making him angry. Appearance: - Shinki's appearance.: - Shinki has dark spiky hair, small eyebrows and green eyes His uncle attacked him, but without knowing who the assassin was, Gaara killed him. When he liberated all the hatred accumulated in its mind, Gaara establishes its chakra with Shukaku, allowing to control it and the sand, becoming very powerful naruto charaters-gaara, itachi, sasuke, tobi, neji, shikamaru, gaaras uncle =] kiba, hidan, deidara, sasori, sai, madara, obito and maybe naruto/kakashi =] inuyasha, sesshomaru <3, miroku. light & L frm death note. dat one guys frm yumeria n i think dats it =

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Kazekage sama I th- You can call me gaara. Well ok gaara I think that your my brother.. because I remember you protect me from those darts that your well I think our uncle threw.. Gaaras eyes glazed with tears went over and hugged her thats right I remember that too and im sure now that im your big brother and your my little sister After Gaara Realizing nobody loved him , Gaara used his sand to create a tattoo on his forehead, ai (愛) Which means Love , as the a symbol of a demon loving only himself when Gaara his uncle tried to kill him he told him how his mother give name him Gaara because she wanted him to love only himself and stay alive at all. Oh man these poor people. I read all your chapters in one go and I just started today, so I will commment all chapters at once. First, I think I can imagine what the uchiha have to face I hate Gaara's dad and uncle so much, but his dad looks really smexy here. x] zikamegx02 [Apr 07, 2006 at 09:21 PM] dad and son sort of lok yay their bro and sis but i think gaaras adopted I mean if your father tried to kill you would you stay with him Gaara of the Desert from the anime Naruto. Gaara is about 12 years old (at the start of the series), and he enjoys killing people that stand in his way. It's his way of having fun - he hates people and loves..

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  1. umm i just had a bad post time..... and so ha she is a gurl and probably 2nd most powerful of the akatsuki's so finally a strong gurl in naruto....
  2. Yashamaru *gaaras dead uncle* - Naruto well i hope to make new friends and anyone who needs the services of the raver-neko-ninja=slave dun be afraid to ask =^n.n^= #
  3. Jul 8, 2020 - Explore G a l a x y D i c cღ's board Gaara on Pinterest. See more ideas about Gaara, Naruto gaara, Naruto shippuden
  4. Notes: Soooo, I'm a casual watcher of Naruto. I've watched pretty much all of the young Naruto episodes, but lost interest early on in Shippuden and never really got back into the series
  5. Guys, I hate to break it to you, but the kanji on his head doesn't read love. It actually says I had sex with your mother last night, a sort of taunt to the opponent even before Gaara needs to say anything
  6. Aug 24, 2006 · gaara put it there using his sand after realizing that nobody loved him. after his uncle yashamaru failed to kill gaara, he reveals not only that he doesn't love gaara since gaara's mother (who was yashamaru's sister) was the sacrifice used to seal the one-tailed shukaku inside gaara which yashamaru resents him for. he also reveals what gaara's name means: a self-loving.
  7. Gaaras future children could and likely would be included, but nobody else. Silver white hair like her uncle Arthur and the purple eyes of her mother, eyes that had an interesting habit to shine brightly whenever she used her magical abilities. And she had quite a lot of them
Gaara s first kiss by RamaChan on DeviantArtNaruto: Gaara by fixxr on DeviantArt

Gaara sadness in childhood [Naruto] - YouTub

  1. Sep 11, 2018 - Explore Gabby R's board Gaara on Pinterest. See more ideas about Gaara, Anime naruto, Naruto uzumaki
  2. Is Orochimaru Gaara's uncle? - Answer
  3. BORUTO_In_IwaDanki — Uncle Gaara's Habi
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  5. Gaara-Pain - YouTub
  6. Gaara - Villains Wiki - villains, bad guys, comic books, anim
dad and uncle | Tumblr19 best images about Uncle Gaara with Shikadai onGaara by PiercePapercraft on DeviantArtThe Light in His Life(Gaara romance) - Gaara&#39;s Fight - WattpadGaara | Www
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